Bocop 2.0.5

Well, it took a bit longer than expected, but Bocop 2.0.5 is out ! More precisely the linux version comes first, windows and mac will follow. Note: when installing a new version of Bocop, the GUI will retain the settings from the previous version, such as the current problem loaded …

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Bocop 2.0.4

Bocop 2.0.4 is out. This is mostly a bugfix release. Main changes include:

  • Bug fix / feature removal: removed the ability to edit the C++ function of the problem in Definition tab. The .tpp files can be handled by any text editor (qtcreator, gedit, notepad++, …). This feature had …

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GUI bugs

Hi everyone. Packages will be offline for a few days due to some bugs in the Qt GUI. For instance, the GUI can in some cases mix up the buffers for source files criterion.tpp and dynamics.tpp, which is quite annoying to say the least. Working on it for a 2.0.4 …

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2.0.3 bugfix

15 oct update: windows package was incorrectly linked to an empty file. Fixed. Packages for 2.0.3 are up again. In particular, problems written with previous problems should no longer fail to build due to the absence of the file ‘dependencies.cpp’ (you could also create an empty file as a quick …

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Bocop 2.0.3

Bocop 2.0.3 is out. This is mostly a maintenance release. Main changes include:

  • Bug fix: fix for the “don’t have function for random number generator” error that could prevent building Ipopt on Linux.
  • Bug fix: a pre-built version of Ipopt for Windows was added as a workaround to the …

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BocopHJB 1.0.1

BocopHJB 1.0.1 is out! The BocopHJB package implements a global optimization method. Similarly to the Dynamic Programming approach, the optimal control problem is solved in two steps. First we solve the Hamilton-Jacobi-Bellman equation satisfied by the value function of the problem. Then we simulate the optimal trajectory from any chosen …

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Ipopt incompatibility with gcc 4.8.3

The following error may occur when compiling Bocop for the first time on Linux: error: #error "don't have function for random number generator" It is caused by an incompatibility between Ipopt 3.11.8 and gcc 4.8.3. We will release a new version of Bocop that fix that problem. Meanwhile, to fix …

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Bocop 2.0.2

Bocop 2.0.2 is out. Main changes include:

  • Single variable initialization from file.
  • New pre-defined functions callable in problem definition source files (see section A.4  “Public Tools” in the User Guide).
  • Automatic backup files of problem definition and solution.

Links and complete changelog are available on the Download

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