Bocop and BocopHJB are distributed under the EPL license, and are free for both academic and industrial use. While the core is meant to remain open source, specific modules with more restrictive conditions can be co-developed.

Documentation: user guides and example collection (included in both packages below)

Examples-Bocop UserGuide-Bocop UserGuide-BocopHJB


08/08/2019: Bocop-2.2.1 release

Bocop-2.2.1-linux Bocop-2.2.1-win Bocop-2.2.1-mac

Note: the linux package can also be used on Windows if you install a virtual machine such as


31/08/2017: BocopHJB-1.1.0 release


BocopHJB-1.1.0-linux BocopHJB-1.1.0-macos

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