Using multiples versions/packages of Bocop

Dear users, It is quite possible to have several versions of Bocop on the same machine, for instance if you want to upgrade while keeping your previous version just in case. In this case, however, you have to make sure the Qt interface knows which package/version to use when building …

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Bocop 2.0.1

Bocop 2.0.1 is out. Main fixes include:

  • Batch folder created if not existing when calling a batch optimization from command line
  • Final time of the observation files allowed to be equal to final time of the problem  when doing parameter identification
  • Batch conversion between number of optimizations and batch …

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Bocop 1.1.6

Bocop 1.1.6 is out. Since several bug fixes were involved in the previous version, the 1.1.6 represents a stable version of the 1.1.5. Main fixes include:

  • bad reading of the observation files on some systems (ex: Mac, Ubuntu 12.04) corrected
  • set compilers to cc and c++ for Mac
  • visualization …

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Delay in Release 1.1.5

Dear users, Due to a bug in the build process, we are planning to replace the release 1.1.5 with a fixed one before the end of the week. We suggest you to wait until Friday to download the new Bocop version. The Bocop team

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Bocop 1.1.5 release

Bocop 1.1.5 is out, and server migration should be complete. Main changes include:

  • extended parameter identification: ‘manual’ mode, handling of several observation files
  • optional pre and post-processing functions specific to each problem
  • batch mode is now available also on the discretization steps
  • Qt: update to Qt5 for compatibility with …

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GUI incompatibility with Ubuntu 12.04

Dear Ubuntu users, We observed an incompatibility with Ubuntu version 12.04 and older. Launching the Bocop interface can cause a system crash. In this case try to launch the interface from a terminal, and if you get this error message : Gtk-CRITICAL **: IA__gtk_widget_style_get: assertion `GTK_IS_WIDGET (widget)' failed then replace …

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