Team update – Next release preview

We are happy to announce that Daphne Giorgi joined the Bocop team as development engineer on September 2012. Daphne took over from Vincent Grelard, who finished his 2-year position with us on October. It was really nice working with Vincent, we wish him a happy trekking in South America ! …

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Bocop 1.0.3 minor update

15/06/2012: 1.0.3 minor update – UserGuide completed on .def file description – command line error message replaced by warning when changing the number of steps outside of the GUI (time grid will be reset) – missing newline corrected in .bounds file for goddard problem

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BOCOP 1.0.3 release

Bocop 1.0.3 is out. Main changes include:

  • Parametrized control: you can now specify a control as a trigonometric sum or a piecewise polynomial function.
  • Non uniform time grid (experimental): you …

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