Bocop 2.2.1 is out! The packages for linux, windows and macos are available at the Download page. Changelog: – [examples] added sample python script in goddard example – [gui] moved GUI executable to package root folder (instead of qtgui/) – [core] force flag -std=gnu++11 (c++11 caused problems on …

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Bocop 2.2.0

Bocop 2.2.0 is out! The linux package is available at the Download page. MacOs and Windows packages are on their way. Changelog: – [bugfix] fixed name of function ‘readCSVtoMatrix’ in publictools – [bugfix] batch optimization can now properly use an initialization file other than ‘problem.sol’ (continuation) – [bugfix] …

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For Windows users

Two small notes for windows users:

  • Bocop 2.1.0 uses an updated MinGW version that may cause incompatibilities with previous Bocop packages. We advise windows users to uninstall previous Bocop/MinGW before installing Bocop 2.1.0 (renaming the MinGW folder should be enough, so that your old C:\MinGW does not conflict with …

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Bocop 2.0.5

Well, it took a bit longer than expected, but Bocop 2.0.5 is out ! More precisely the linux version comes first, windows and mac will follow. Note: when installing a new version of Bocop, the GUI will retain the settings from the previous version, such as the current problem loaded …

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Bocop 2.0.4

Bocop 2.0.4 is out. This is mostly a bugfix release. Main changes include:

  • Bug fix / feature removal: removed the ability to edit the C++ function of the problem in Definition tab. The .tpp files can be handled by any text editor (qtcreator, gedit, notepad++, …). This feature had …

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GUI bugs

Hi everyone. Packages will be offline for a few days due to some bugs in the Qt GUI. For instance, the GUI can in some cases mix up the buffers for source files criterion.tpp and dynamics.tpp, which is quite annoying to say the least. Working on it for a 2.0.4 …

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