For Windows users

Two small notes for windows users:

  • Bocop 2.1.0 uses an updated MinGW version that may cause incompatibilities with previous Bocop packages. We advise windows users to uninstall previous Bocop/MinGW before installing Bocop 2.1.0 (renaming the MinGW folder should be enough, so that your old C:\MinGW does not conflict with the new Bocop-2.1.0/MinGW).
  • Windows package uses a slightly older version of AdolC (2.5.2 vs 2.6.3 for linux/mac packages) that may perform worse on some examples, namely bioreactor, leukemia and swimmer. If you encounter troubles running these examples, please switch to CppAD by editing line 47 in the file Bocop-2.1.0/CMakeLists.txt and set the option from OFF to ON. Then clean and rebuild the problem before running it again.

option(USE_CPPAD “Use CppAD instead of Adol-C/Colpack for Automatic Differentiation” ON)


Ps. One final little thing: it seems that example fuller is missing its file problem.constants, leading to an error. This will be fixed in the next update, in the meanwhile you can simply copy the problem.constants from example default.

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