Bocop 2.2.0

Bocop 2.2.0 is out! The linux package is available at the Download page. MacOs and Windows packages are on their way.


– [bugfix] fixed name of function ‘readCSVtoMatrix’ in publictools
– [bugfix] batch optimization can now properly use an initialization file other than ‘problem.sol’ (continuation)
– [bugfix] in example jackson_id_3, function criterion now returns 0 as intended
– [examples] added example microgrid (deterministic version)
– [examples] added example health insurance (audit and non audit versions)
– [examples] added van der pol example
– [examples] added first and second order integrator examples
– [python] added a set of python utilities in
– [core/problem] added number of time steps as argument to function dynamics
– [core/problem] restored check for missing return values in dynamics. Added similar check for criterion.
– [core/problem] enabled past controls interpolation in function pathcond (already done for dynamics).
– [core] several internal arrays replaced with vectors for easier handling.
– [core] some code cleanup and reorganization (.sol save, constraint evaluation)
– [core] Ipopt status after optimization is now saved in .sol file instead of cpu time (which is still in result.out)
– [core] For parameter identification, the sum of errors to observation is now divided by the number of observations.
– [thirdparty] computation of derivatives now uses CppAD by default instead of Adolc/Colpack. This should give better performance overall. In particular the windows version should be more robust.
– [thirdparty] IPOPT updated to 3.12.12. This should prevent Windows build to hang when detecting Matlab.
– [thirdparty] CPPAD updated to 20190200.3 version.

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