Bocop 2.0.4

Bocop 2.0.4 is out.

This is mostly a bugfix release. Main changes include:

  • Bug fix / feature removal: removed the ability to edit the C++ function of the problem in Definition tab. The .tpp files can be handled by any text editor (qtcreator, gedit, notepad++, …). This feature had caused some pretty annoying bugs (e.g. recently mixing files criterion.tpp and dynamics.tpp) and was getting increasingly complicated to maintain properly.
  • Bug fix: the button to stop an ongoing optimization works again.
  • GUI commands for clean / build / run were revamped for faster (and hopefully more stable) building process.
  • GUI / core: changed some default initialization values from 0 to 0.1 to reduce the risk of math errors on first iteration.

Links are available on the Download page.

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