Bocop 2.0.3

Bocop 2.0.3 is out.

This is mostly a maintenance release. Main changes include:

  • Bug fix: fix for the “don’t have function for random number generator” error that could prevent building Ipopt on Linux.
  • Bug fix: a pre-built version of Ipopt for Windows was added as a workaround to the build process hanging during Matlab detection.
  • GUI command ‘Run’ now automatically saves the c++ files and builds the bocop executable if needed. Therefore, no more error message for missing executable, and no need to launch the ‘Build’ command manually before ‘Run’. Also, building process now uses Release settings by default, the option to build with ‘Debug’ settings was added in the Build menu.
  • New optional feature: you can now save the solution files corresponding to the iterations of the optimization solver (Ipopt). This option is governed by a new parameter in the problem.def file: iteration.output.frequency. The default value of 0 will disable the save of iterations, keeping only the usual .sol file at the convergence. A value of k will save one in k iterations. These iterations saves are named problem.sol.iterxxx. This option is useful to track the progress of the optimization, for instance to investigate convergence problems, or help tune Ipopt parameters.

Links and complete changelog are available on the Download page.

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