Bocop 2.1.0

Bocop 2.1.0 is out! The packages are available in Download page.

In this version, we provide the latest MinGW and CMake(3.10) for Windows users (now c++11 compliant).

Changelog info:

2017/10/17: bocop-2.1.0

– dynamics function now has access to past state and control variables,
in order to solve delay problems; pathcond has access to past states.
Restricted to fixed final time case. New examples: harvest, leukemia.
– problem dimensions are now passed to preProcessing function.
– functions for Heaviside and 2Dinterpolation added to publicTools
– [gui] visualization now show bounds for state variables (optional).
– [gui] bugfix for GUI unable to locate obervations files in parameter
identification problems. See jackson example.
– [gui] bugfix for GUI sometimes resetting problem discretization to
default (Midpoint with 100 time steps).
– [core] ADOL-C options for sparse hessian computation have been adjusted
and should give better performance in most cases.
– [core] time discretizations are now hardcoded (BocopDefinition.cpp)
instead of reading .disc files at runtime. Bocop executables therefore
do not need access to Bocop root package anymore at runtime.
Available methods: Euler (explicit), Euler (implicit), Midpoint (imp.),
Gauss II and Lobatto IIIC.
– [core] L2 norm of constraint violation is now correctly saved in .sol file.
– [core] some .tpp files were merged with their repective .hpp files.
– [core] a few minor memory leaks were fixed.
– [thirdparty, linux, mac] update to latest ADOL-C 2.6.3 and COLPACK.
Should give reduced memory usage as well as faster computation of derivatives.
– [thirdparty] build process should be faster, quieter and more foolproof.
– [thirdparty] Experimental: support for CppAD instead of AdolC/Colpack to
compute derivatives. Enabled with CMake option USE_CPPAD.
– [scripts] benchmark scripts were updated.
– [windows] Updated Cmake and MinGW to latest versions (now c++11 compliant).

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